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I've been taking/leaving stuff in The Artist's Way as I see fit. I figure it's not going to be the perfect fit for everyone, but oh man is it hard to work through Chapter 6, "Recovering A Sense of Abundance". It seems a little proto-Secret or something, and in this book, 'God' and money go hand in hand...

I've continued to write every morning. If anything, this book has opened a torrent of writing in me, but not much art has been going on, which was the entire point. I often have an easier time writing than making art. Art is hard. It involves a lot more introspection and unknown-dwelling. One of my thesis advisors has said that she finds my writing more intriguing than my art, which makes me so mad. It makes me kneejerk-not want to write ever again. I know, ridiculous. Seems like it would hurt me more than it would do anything else. "Serves you right." No, not really.

Yeah, I don't know about chapter 6. I'm also unemployed and it's hard to think about money and spending when I don't even have any money to spend in the first place, but actually, it's hard to think about doing anything that isn't work towards finding a job. I did make a list of 'free abundance', which feels totally cheesy. I am still a snarky 15 year-old at heart, it seems, because doing stuff like this takes me right back to that place of teenage nihilism and annoyance at the world

Free Abundance:

  • Kijiji 'free' section

  • use things you've been saving for the 'perfect project'

  • look around in nature etc

  • don't be afraid to waste supplies

  • digital art, photography, video

  • make nice food

  • spend time doing something you enjoy without worrying about productivity

  • reconfigure existing projects

  • trade

  • be abundant with self care

  • mindfulness of enjoyable moments

  • enjoyable conversations, etc.

  • wear your nice clothes for you (if you want)

  • listen to music you like

  • use spare moments

Ugh, I don't know. I am getting antsy that I haven't made any art yet (although one or two tiny drawings, maybe). There are a couple shows coming up and I could have made something small to put in but I didn't. I am feeling guilty about that. It doesn't help. Yet here I am, still doing it. The Self Esteem CBT program I happen to be doing simultaneously (hey, I got time) often echoes the sentiments in this book in a more secular way and that keeps me thinking maybe she's onto something, so I slog away.

1 I put God in quotation marks because the one described in this book seems to be pretty generic and isn't a specific one.
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