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I've been water bath canning because I have a CSA delivery and my freezer is full. I made zucchini relish, curried zucchini pickles, dill pickles, rhubarb plum jam and this evening I made tomato preserves. They seem a little odd. It tastes ketchupy but there's no salt. It's more like jam. My apartment is so hot from the boiling water that I feel like a cooked piece of spaghetti.
When I boil too much water in the kitchen, the light doesn't work, so I have to be super careful to not turn it off if I'm doing something at night, because it won't come on again for about an hour. Old apartments. If I was closer to home, everybody would be getting canned stuff for different occasions, but it's not really a mailable thing. The tomato thing made 8 jars, which is just absurd. The recipe said 6 jars and even that was a little more than I'd like, for something I haven't tried.
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