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Trying to not just post stuff about meds, so...This is my cat, Esther. We adopted her from the Humane Society, I guess two years ago now. I was having a really hard time my first summer of grad school and it just seemed to work out. We had been really intensely researching dogs (dream dog: boston terrier) but our place is small and we don't have a yard. I had a cat as a kid and feel a lot more comfortable around them than dogs (although my partner has brought me around to wanting one, too now), so it felt like it was easier and a better fit right now. I saw her on their website. It said, "Do you want a lovely cat that purrs easily?" We went through the motions of meeting other cats at the shelter, but I kept coming back to her. She had a different name in the shleter but they found her outside and couldn't contact anyone through her tattoo info. They think some people moved away (or maybe somebody died) and left her behind. She didn't really respond to that name, maybe she just had it in the shelter. I have this old Lux soap ad with Esther Williams on the wall and I just thought it fit.


She's about seven years old now, and had been in the shelter for over four months and had been discounted twice. Something really sad about a cat that's on sale. They do these personality tests with their adoptables, and she's rated as a "personal assistant". She's super friendly, almost like a dog or something. She loves when people come over. She will get cuddles from anybody. The other day my friend brought her two year old over, who up until a few weeks before had been afraid of cats, but had decided she liked them. We thought the kid would be afraid, but the cat bolted out of the room. Maybe the kid was too excited. She's probably the first kid we've had over. I don't know what Esther's previous experience with them had been.

She always looks black and white in photos, but she's actually kind of a steel grey. She likes eating shoelaces, licking freshly showered feet and chewing on my plants.
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