forestine (forestines) wrote,

first post

Geez, LJ looks exactly the same, doesn't it? I thought about starting up my old journal again, but it's got a backlog of awful stuff from high school. I really don't want to relive that, memories of that crap are still vivid in my mind, you know? I might not keep this journal for long. I laughed when I saw you could sort news by "Non-cyrillic". And ICQ is also really popular in Russia? I have no idea why. I downloaded it when I saw it in the app store, and even though I remembered my old number, it didn't load my friends or anything, so it was pointless.

I used to be really into customizing my layout and learned all this CSS to do it. I even did a bunch of friends' journals, and customized all the titles so that you can't figure out what any links mean.

I also used to pretend to be a celebrity in the wacky world of fake celebrity LJs. So weird.

Somehow I doubt this nostalgic format is going to bring back the community. But I had started a Wordpress and got this snarky commenter who probably meant well but was clueless. I started dreading her comments and finally deleted the whole enterprise. So uh, hello.
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