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Best Wishes

Haven't posted in awhile. My wrists were getting so sore I had trouble typing. Since then, I've started going to physiotherapy, which has been great. I'm doing a lot better now. I stopped writing my morning pages for awhile and got a bit lost on where I was in The Artist's Way. So I'm starting "Week 8" even though I started this way longer than two months ago. We'll see. This chapter talks about recovering strength after "artistic losses", which is kind of where I'm at after grad school.
Uh, since the last post I also had a job interview that I spent a lot of time preparing for. I didn't get the job, but I think it'll be good practice. Gotta keep trying.
I kept telling myself I wouldn't be upset if I didn't get the job, because I did the best I could, but it was still hard to get the news. You can't just keep yourself from being sad.
I bought myself this trophy at the MCC to cheer myself up. It's for, uh, slow-pitch baseball, but still.


Started the morning pages back up, but now I'm writing them in a book instead of typing them. Part of the reason is that I need to teach myself how to use a light grip, because my wrists and muscle tension is causing me to hulk-grip everything. I've been writing with a marker so I have to be mindful of how hard I'm pressing, which seems to be helping a lot. I had a flareup after twisting my wrist on the basement doorknob (damn old house!) but we just keep trying.

Lastly, I love this post at The Toast about the old days of Livejournal, but it brings up a lot of angst. I started mine when I was 13 or 14 and even just thinking about it makes me feel all clammy. An archive of stuf I would prefer not to remember. Being angsty, lonely, wondering why my friends never invited me anywhere, wondering why I was afraid of everybody and couldn't figure out why... Ugh. That is some mixed nostalgia right there.
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